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Take the first step towards aligning your personal and professional goals, achieving holistic success, and thriving in every aspect of your life.

Leading and Living Well is a dedicated initiative by The Renovated You, LLC to support and empower women in leadership. This program is designed to balance professional growth with personal well-being, offering a comprehensive suite of self-care and wellness activities, leadership retreats, and seminars.

Leading and Living Well is an innovative program tailored to the unique challenges faced by women in leadership. By combining wellness retreats, leadership seminars, and continuous support, the program aims to foster a holistic approach to professional and personal development.



Self-Care and Wellness Activities


Leadership Retreats




Continuous Support


Strong MUVA's Work Hard and Play Harder!

At Strong MUVA, we believe that women in leadership should have the opportunity to excel in their careers while also prioritizing their well-being. Our Work Hard, Play Hard program is designed to provide a balanced approach to professional development and personal self-care.

Work Hard

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